90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.


Let’s give those hard-working eyeballs a treat. Scott Hull Associates loves to match artists with companies like yours who need a visual solution – a really good one – to stop your audience in their tracks.



Case Studies

Original Art Works. Here are a few examples.

elevating the Yankee Candle tradition

Lisa Ballard has been an illustrative resource for the talented designers at Yankee Candle, a “go to” partner.

for eric nyffeler, this one just clicked

(Ready to be jealous?) The collaboration between Eric and Chase Bliss Audio went a little something like this:

Taking a visual journey with Meg hunt

When is a crochet book more than a how-to-manual? When it takes the reader on a visual journey.

What Clients are Saying

“Because they're experts in the industry, our collaboration saves me time and money, but most importantly, I get the highest quality output.”
Deidre Hazelbaker, Founder - Creative Director— Brandominium


“The Scott Hull Associates team of illustrators provides us with a wealth of international-quality images and experience on an as-needed basis.”
Ken Botts, President - The Wright Brothers USA


“The artists are extremely collaborative and embrace the design challenge, no matter how big or how small.”
Kate Coslett, Senior Design Manager – Danone


“1. Access to supremely talented creative professionals, 2. Consistent delivery of designs that perfectly fit our requirements, 3. Highest quality visuals even within the tightest timelines.  These are the reasons SHA provides a HUGE amount of value to our team."
- PA Lloyd-Harris, Senior Client Manager - Landor

Original Art - A Quick Guide

Artists are great. We love artists. We *are* artists. But we also know that working with an artist can give some folks the heebie-jeebies. “What if he’s flaky?” “Who do I call if things get off track?” “How do I even start?” All that worry is understandable. And fixable. We can answer all those questions, and more, because we’ve heard them all before. Seriously: Just try us.

Why go through a rep?

It’s a free country. You can, of course, go straight to an artist and hire him or her directly…

Illustration vs stock?

Oh, it’s not like we don’t know. Stock imagery is convenient, it’s cheap, and nearly everyone’s tried it...

selling YOur clients on illustration

Getting a client to see your vision is an art form unto itself. It can be extra tricky...