Mark Riedy

Mark Riedy has provided visual content and illustrative design to the Fortune 500 through some of the top design firms and agencies on the planet. From something as small as a commemorative stamp to as large as an architectural installation, you'll find Mark has been involved.

Mark's digital work still maintains the sensitivity of the hand skills he learned while painting and drawing his way through the pre-computer age. "I've always viewed the computer as a tool to help me reproduce what I would have created by hand." This also holds true in his work with type. "I still like to hand draw the letterforms in my initial sketches".

Working as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in the early years of his career, Mark has an intimate understanding of the creative process and the collaborative efforts that go into producing great results. He continues to draw on that experience. “I’ve never been comfortable with defining myself exclusively as an ‘illustrator’. I think the lines that separate illustration and design are more blurred today than ever before.” Visit Mark's website.