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Mikey Burton’s Infographic Defines Harry Potter Brand

June 29, 2011

Harry Potter has been a big part of Scott Hull Associates. It all started when Mary GrandPre created the face of Harry Potter while she was represented by SHA. Now Fast Company magazine asked Scott Hull Associates’ Mikey Burton to provide an infographic about this multibillion dollar empire. Will the Harry Potter brand keep thriving after release of the last movie, July 15th? Mikey gives the viewer the “Numerology” break down to what’s at stake.

After all, we only retain 10% of what we hear in 72 hours verses 90% what we see in 72 hours.

4 Comments on Mikey Burton’s Infographic Defines Harry Potter Brand


  1. Ryan Noel says:

    Very cool, Mikey. I dig.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m wondering where you got those stats? After a quick google-ing I found nothing of the sort. Only this:

  3. scotthull says:

    Good question Dave! It was taken from several talks by Sunni Brown, I’ve email Sunni’s organization requesting confirmation backing the statement.

  4. Scott Matthews says:

    Very nice work!