Original Art Works.

Case Study:


HULL Associates + Panera

Panera Bread was looking to freshen up their in-store decor with a gallery direction. The agency in charge needed to put together an impressive presentation of original artwork with a broad range of styles in a very short time. After explaining the theme and audience to Scott Hull, he put out a call to his associates. The resulting imagery made for a presentation that wowed the client and was readily available for reproduction and mass application.

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Hull Associates + The Wright Brothers

Ken Botts, owner of Visual Marketing Associates in Dayton, Ohio, was approached by the Wright Family Foundation to create a brand for one of the most well-known partnerships in American history – Orville and Wilbur Wright. This brand, if developed successfully would create revenue streams via the merchandise licensing and marketing of The Wright Brothers trademark worldwide. Ken Botts immediately turned to Scott Hull Associates to provide the team of artistic talent – Lisa Ballard, Andy Buttram, David Reinbold and Mark Riedy. With Scott’s expertise of finding the right person for the right job, Ken now had the ability to expand his company’s skill set to creatively visualize each step of the process.

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Lorraine Tuson + Citgo

Lorraine Tuson was asked to create illustrations that call attention to the "small guys"- Citgo gas station owners/managers who had great stories. Citgo was highlighting people who had a story. In this case, the owner was a strong community member who supported local teams and was well regarded by the small town where the station was located. Lorraine enjoyed working on this “feel good” piece that celebrated people. “It was good to see a larger company using this way to promote.”
Citgo’s successful campaign rose awareness of the brand while doing it in a very personal way. The illustrations gave the stories a very individual result, a different look and feel to every story. We love seeing real life stories behind the brand.

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Artist: Andrea Eberbach
Client: Heroes Foundation
Category: Book Publishing
Artist: Mikey Burton
Client: KAIJU Beer
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Artist: Lisa Ballard
Client: Where Women Create
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Client: Barrons
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Artist: Penelope Dullaghan
Client: Crate&Barrel
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Artist: Meg Hunt
Client: Jamie Oliver Magazine
Category: Editorial
Artist: Mikey Burton
Client: Nike Converse
Category: Product and Special Marketing
Artists: Lorraine Tuson, Penelope Dullaghan, Andrea Eberbach, Andy Hayes, Curtis Parker, Larry Moore
Client: Panera
Category: Branding