90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.


Let’s give those hard-working eyeballs a treat. Scott Hull Associates loves to match artists with companies like yours who need a visual solution – a really good one – to stop your audience in their tracks.



Case Studies

Original Art Works. Here are a few examples.


patriotic packaging for publix ice cream

Publix Super Markets needed an eye-catching illustration for their New York Cherry Cheesecake ice cream flavor.


Hill's Pets - standing out is in the bag

The setting: a crowded veterinary conference. A sea of animal lovers all gathering pamphlets and brochures...


Meg hunt gives coach a new york style

Taking brand awareness to the world of social media, Meg Hunt was asked to make a piece inspired by New York style.

Original Art - A Quick Guide

Artists are great. We love artists. We *are* artists. But we also know that working with an artist can give some folks the heebie-jeebies. “What if he’s flaky?” “Who do I call if things get off track?” “How do I even start?” All that worry is understandable. And fixable. We can answer all those questions, and more, because we’ve heard them all before. Seriously: Just try us.

Why go through a rep?

It’s a free country. You can, of course, go straight to an artist and hire him or her directly…

Illustration vs stock?

Oh, it’s not like we don’t know. Stock imagery is convenient, it’s cheap, and nearly everyone’s tried it...

selling YOur clients on illustration

Getting a client to see your vision is an art form unto itself. It can be extra tricky...

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What Clients are Saying

“Scott Hull is truly a grand translator of the visual world. No matter the challenge, he connects my clients to the right artist the first time, every time. It saves me time and money, but most importantly, I get the highest quality output—elevating my brands through product illustrations, packaging concepts, final packing work, brand marks, and more. His team is an extension to any in-house, agency, or brand team. I continue to rely on Scott Hull Associates wherever my own creative and marketing path takes me.”

Deidre Hazelbaker, Founder - Creative Director— Brandominium


“Time after time, Scott selects supremely talented illustrators that perfectly fit our requirements and bring our vision to life. We can give them the most basic details and they turn our concept into a unique, eye-catching illustration—even under the tightest timelines. Part of the reason Scott Hull Associates offers such an incredible amount of value is because Scott takes the time to understand your business and creative process. You couldn’t ask for a better person to collaborate with.”

PA Lloyd-Harris, Senior Client Manager - Landor

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