Why Work With a Rep

Illustration by Curtis Parker

Illustration by Curtis Parker

Rep, or no rep?

Well, that’s ultimately up to you. It’s a free country. You can, of course, go straight to an artist and hire them directly… but we think there’s a better option.

Trusting a professional representative (e.g., Scott) ensures that your project runs smoothly and satisfies your goals. This isn’t some schmo with a few solid Instagram posts—we’re talking *decades* of experience making projects happen and clients happy.

However, we understand not everyone is simply sold on charisma or shiny packaging—you want to see the benefits, inspect it, know it’s real. So, allow us to demonstrate why you should work with a rep.


Reason 1: You get an experienced partner you can count on

A rep wears many hats—manager, problem solver, collaborator, therapist… but their primary hat is partner. And as your partner, your rep is there to help balance the steps, and time, and creative process needed to ultimately achieve your goals. 

You’re also getting a clear contract, well-defined phases of what will come when, and a number to dial if anything goes amiss.


Reason 2: You get the top selection of artistic talent

Creative projects move fast, which means being able to rely on the artist you hire is a must—and with a rep, you get that in spades. Because hiring a rep means you’re also hiring an artist who’s reputable enough to, well, have a rep in the first place. 

And a rep understands their full creative roster, meaning you get the best artist for the job and a partner to guide the process to get the best out of that artist. 

It may feel at times the rep is asking a lot of questions—rest assured it isn’t to be annoying. They simply want to protect you and the artist by tackling the little things, such as scheduling, usage rights, purchase orders, invoicing procedures, etc.

Reason 3: You get better results

This isn’t a dig at freelancers—there are plenty of fantastic ones out there. What we’re saying is that when you work a rep, you’re getting the cream of the crop. Proven artists that deliver.

Professional reps not only work on behalf of artists, and the artists’ work, but a good one will keep things fair, the industry healthy, and move heaven and earth to provide clients with the most positive experience possible. Because when people feel valued, they do their best work.

If you’re looking to learn more about what it’s like to work with a professional representative, who better to ask than the guy with over 30 years of experience.