“We came to Scott Hull Associates in need of more visually appealing imagery that embodied and highlighted our magazine. After an initial consultation to determine our specific creative needs, Scott, as the “matchmaker,” paired us with an illustrator who was not only receptive to our direction and feedback but delivered projects on time, often ahead of schedule. The collaboration saved us valuable time and ultimately resulted in more creative and colorful issues featuring bold, eye-catching, and edgy pages.”

Mary Firtl, Art Director - Courier Magazine

“Scott Hull and his team of illustrators provide a wealth of national-quality styles and experience whenever and wherever you need them. We collaborated with Scott Hull Associates for a project encompassing character development for an animated video. The artist Scott paired us with brought not only top-quality illustration skills but insights into the industry’s process of incorporating the figures into the final animation.”

Ken Botts, President - The Wright Brothers USA


“The true strength of Scott Hull lies in his ability to visually interpret our design problem and identify the right illustrator to solve it. He personally helped find the artist best suited for our project and even checked in along the way to ensure everything was running smoothly. And his team of artists couldn’t be more collaborative—no matter how big or how small the project, they embraced the challenge and took our vision beyond our expectations.”

Kate Coslett, Senior Design Manager - Danone