“Green” Tips for Hiring an Illustrator

Maybe you’ve never worked with an illustrator before. Maybe you’re looking forward to the experience. Maybe you’re a little, oh, shall we say, “green” in this regard? Well, you’re in luck.
Knowing just a few things will make you waaaay more prepared. Basically a seasoned pro.

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom:  Curtis Parker ,  Eric Nyffeler ,  Larry Moore ,  Penelope Dullaghan

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom: Curtis Parker, Eric Nyffeler, Larry Moore, Penelope Dullaghan

1. Go with a Not-So-Green illustrator

(We know, we’re pushing this green metaphor thing a little hard - but hear us out.) It’s a solid choice to go with an illustrator who has some experience, and is backed by a rep who’s been in the business for (cough) number of years. It’ll make you look good to work with a pro, someone you can trust to collaborate with you on some amazing concepts, give you what you need on time and impress the heck out of your clients. In other words, you can kiss that green look goodbye.

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom:  Lisa Ballard ,  Meg Hunt ,  Dave Reinbold ,  Von Glitschka

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom: Lisa Ballard, Meg Hunt, Dave Reinbold, Von Glitschka

2. Green-light a great guy

Ok, we can ditch the green thing for a minute. What we’re trying to say here is that if you’re unsure which illustrator might be the best choice for the project, Scott’s your friend. He’s truly gifted at pairing a terrific illustrator with the right project. (A mood board from you would be super helpful though!) And he can walk you through any questions you have—even ones you may be a bit shy about bringing up. Budget concerns? No sweat. Timing questions? Go ahead. What in the name of St. Patrick is up with usage? We’ve got you covered.

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom:  Michael Bast ,  Stephen Eric Thomas ,  Mark Reidy ,  Mikey Burton

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom: Michael Bast, Stephen Eric Thomas, Mark Reidy, Mikey Burton


Well, of course you’re an excellent visual communicator—that’s why you’re in your job! Now, when you match those skills up with an artist who’s talented at creating original art? Oh boy... that’s what where the good stuff happens. Communication makes it happen more smoothly—talking the project through with the illustrator and bouncing ideas back and forth. You know what they say about two heads... they make for great outcomes and freaky portraits. But a top-notch collaboration is great for everybody.

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom:  Andrea Eberbach ,  John Maggard ,  Lorraine Tuson

Images Left/Right, Top/Bottom: Andrea Eberbach, John Maggard, Lorraine Tuson

And, blammo: Choose wisely, trust in Scott and talk it through, and you’re assured a project that is unique and stands apart from the sea-o-stock. Nice work! Now, pass it on—green is good, but the greater the number of “experienced” illustration-users out there, the better!