The Complete Guide to Working with an Illustrator

with illustrations by Curtis Parker


Tips for a Successful Illustration Project


Tell us everything. Any ideas you already have and also any concerns. The more we know, the more likely we are to nail it — maximizing your investment down the road by creating something original.



Our artists love collaborating. They listen to your ideas intently and take a personal stake in seeing things turn out well. We’re your partner dedicated to achieving the best outcome. You get professionalism and seamless collaboration, with the full engagement of a passionate artist.



We work until you’re happy. We know the value that custom, one-of-a-kind, brand-specific artwork delivers — it’s how you stand out from the crowd. We work hard to ensure every piece is polished to the highest, most professional standards, so you look your best and not like anybody else.


Before you know it, a promising brainstorm has transformed into a living, breathing illustration. The next step: deliver the files exactly as you need them. Whether the art is going on the side of a soup can or the side of a building, we know and understand real-world applications.



Pricing & Investment

The key to avoiding the stress of pricing is preparation. Having the right information, knowing how the work will be used, and knowing the parameters of the campaign makes things easy.

Pricing depends upon many factors, including usage rights (see handy usage checklist below), the size and scope of the geographical area, the client’s budget, the urgency of the deadline, the complexity of the project, and the reputation of the talent. 

If you’re worried about pricing, let us work with your budget and see if we can’t deliver the bang-for-your-buck ratio you’re aiming for


Illustration Project Checklist



• What personality/style are you seeking?

• What goals need to be accomplished with this project?  

• What specific audience action or reaction are you wanting? 

• What are your client's expectations?



• What is the reproduction size of the final work? 

• Is the work full color or limited colors?  

• What format should be provided for production? 

• What reference materials will be provided?



• What are your deadlines? 

• How soon do you want to start the project?



• What are your customer’s usage needs?

• Is this for presentation use for a client meeting or focus group?

• Media: Where will this campaign appear? Print, web, etc.

• What is the circulation or the number of pieces to be printed? 

• Is this a one-time reproduction rights in print or media, or specific to certain markets or geographical areas? 

• Is this for unlimited usage within specific markets, geographical areas or period of time? 

• Is this exclusive rights or all rights under copyright law?

Phases of an Illustration Project

Phase 1:

Once you’ve provided information about the audience, project scope specifics, and format, we provide, in most cases, black and white or rough-color sketch concepts to develop a direction for the visuals — fine-tuned until both parties are happy.


Phase 2:

Next, we refine the visual for your final presentation as well as work on reinforcing and/or clarifying key visual messaging. We can also offer creative insights based on gathered feedback and discuss strategic ideas for key findings. Additional refined sketches can be provided if needed and based on budget.


Phase 3:

In phase three, to begin finalizing the visual, all available materials and specific requirements are taken in. We collaborate with you to refine the visual chosen in phase two.


Phase 4:

This phase marks the delivery of the final artwork. However, if a minor refinement is needed (e.g. color tweak or production purpose), we can modify the visual based on your feedback/information to make sure we hit your goal.