Mark Riedy

Submissions That Didn’t Exactly Make the Cut

The talent at Scott Hull Associates is so fortunate to collabrate with some amazing people. But there are those rare times when a concept doesn't quite make the cut. These are a few of those rejections the artists were willing to share.

Mark Riedy + Dessert for the Eyes

Mark Riedy was commissioned to to create the likeness of football star and budding entrepreneur, Bo Jackson. Bo was releasing a line of homemade frozen pies based on momma's own recipes.

Mark Riedy + Zach Hicks Talk Horses

Whenever you are asked to work on a long-standing iconic image such as the Budweiser Clydesdales, the biggest challenge is striking a creative balance. The art already has a name for itself. You want to add your own personal point of view while always considering the equity of the images that came before me.

“Where do ideas come from?”

A brilliant idea can change your life. Just ask Steve Jobs. And think about it – how would one incredible idea affect your work? How would it affect your personal creating? Your career? Your confidence and opportunities?

18 Illustrated Gift Tags for free? Fancy!

Season’s Greetings! We don’t know about you, but we spread holiday cheer by illustrating (of course!). We came up with 18 unique gift tags to share with you!