Andrea Eberbach for the Art of Healing

Create a mural with the purpose to casually relax its viewer as they waited to be seen by the medical staff. That was IU Simon Caner Center's, Dr. Nasser Hanna request to Andrea Eberbach. Look and see for yourself how Andrea accomplished the art of healing.

Andrea Eberbach Book Release, "The Reconfigured Goddess"

The Heroes Foundation is an amazing group that does so much for the cancer community. Their generosity enabled Andrea Eberbach and Bonnie Maurer to publish The Reconfigured Goddess, Poems of a Breast Cancer Survivor a book of art and poems that helps support a woman’s journey with breast cancer. Andrea commented, “my hope is that it inspires and helps heal all those affected by this disease.” Andrea Eberbach’s art in this book really addressed the idea of “healing the whole person” – physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.


Thank you Heroes Foundation The Reconfigured Goddess, Poems of a Breast Cancer Survivor

Curtis Parker + Health Progress Magazine

Our good friends at Catholic Health Association commissioned Curtis Parker to illustrate an issue focused on immigration. Not just one or two illustrations but the whole issue with seven illustrations.