Meg Hunt + Glassware

Meg Hunt isn’t the type to let an interesting idea lay dormant. “I've always wanted to see my artwork on all sorts of things, from editorial projects to animations to housewares. When I can't figure out how to work with a client to do some of these things, I will usually try and do it myself.” In this case, she caught the urge to work on kitchen goods. In short order, she’d found a glassware printer and concocted some ideas for small run collectible glassware.

In addition to teaching herself a new technique and learning the ins and outs of getting ink on glass to look good (even when filled with a beverage, of course), Meg has expanded her offerings. “I’ve designed three glasses so far, and hope to keep producing more when it's feasible to. They sell well in shops and craft fairs, though my next goal is working with a local restaurant to brand/illustrate some custom glassware.”