Scott Hull, Visual Ambassador

As a designer-turned-creative-entrepreneur, Scott Hull is well aware of the demands of creativity. Early on, he learned the ins and outs of the business, and realized he enjoyed assembling the right team to pull off a project as much as the hands-on designing part. This realization led to a new creative alliance serving other artists, art directors and designers, and over two decades later this group has grown to 20-plus exceptional artists and an equally talented management team. Thanks to Scott’s mastery of the networking system, he has connections all over the globe, in various stations of the commercial art world. And if he doesn’t know someone directly, he knows someone who does.

Call him an agent if you like (he's a pretty easygoing fellow), but Scott carries business cards that read "Visual Ambassador," and that's how he introduces himself. Bestowed with this title years back by a friend, Scott discovered it fit him perfectly.

For 30 years now, Scott has looked beyond the traditional rep model, choosing artists not only for their distinctive styles but for their professional demeanor as well. All of the artists on Scott’s team exude professionalism. And in an art world of prima donnas, it’s a refreshing experience to work with artists who understand the concepts, produce on time, and genuinely love their work.

Scott is also an involved member of AIGA and American Association of Museums, and frequently acts as an advisor to colleges and universities and a contributor to such books as Fresh Ideas in Promotion, Artist’s and Graphic Design Market, and The Power of Logos.