David Reinbold: The Analog Artist in the Digital World


If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that David Reinbold has always loved to draw—from his formative years staying inside the lines of his Bugs Bunny coloring books to now churning-out incredible sketch books full of fascinating landscapes, objects, people, and more.

His style blends the artistic tradition of drawing with the contemporary tools of today. The result is a striking, warm, and weathered look that appears to be a photocopy of David’s moleskin sketch book, but in reality, is a digitally-drawn masterpiece.

Take a peek inside David’s world, his drawings, and some things he’s learned along the way.

“And you who wish to represent by words the form of man, relinquish that idea. For the more minutely you describe, the more you will confine the mind of the reader. And so it is necessary to draw…”
— Leonard da Vinci

“My high school Art teacher emphasized drawing—he had a sign up in the room that said, ‘You learn to draw by drawing’ and another that said, ‘Art is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration.’ I really took these to heart and that’s when I started to fill sketchbooks.”


“I found that there was an incredible difference between the drawings at the start of the sketchbook and those at the very end. It was as if two different people had done them—just by drawing every day. I was hooked.”

“Teaching people to draw is teaching people to look’ has always stuck with me. And that’ how I look at drawing—I’m teaching my hand to draw what my eyes see.”
— David Hockney

“After college, I started revisiting areas I had loved to draw in, mostly alleys and interiors and street corners. All this with the intersections of telephone poles and high-tension wires and the vehicles which were in these environments and the people who filled them.”


“These sketch books started when I found a high-resolution, copyright free image of an end page out of a vintage book and I liked the color and texture of the page. It’s become a thought process and a scenic journey that never grows old. And that for me stays forever young and exciting.”


"Sketch books are or can be experimentation diaries. A visual mind exploration of ideas and concepts—notations of the world around me. Or in me as the case may be.”

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