Penelope Dullaghan Wears Her Heart on Her Lapel

Dullaghan-Penelope-Pencause-Women-rights-Scott-hull-associates Our own artist Penelope Dullaghan has teamed up with PinCause in support of the Women's March on Washington coming up on January 21st. The team collaborated to create an iconic pin to publicly stand for Women's Rights in a positive way. The image is the ASL symbol for love painted in lots of bright colors representing unity, compassion, and hope that can bring together women, and ALL people, all over the country.

Pins are $5 each, and with every purchase $1 goes to Planned Parenthood and $1 to the ACLU. Find out more at PinCause.



"Pincause Women’s Rights really hit home for me because I truly believe that compassion and understanding, for ALL people, are the keys to solving many of the world’s problems – especially right now. And I think women are the ones who will carry that message forward so I’m proud to add my voice." -- Penelope Dullaghan

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