Penelope Dullaghan+Spirituality & Health magazine

Penelope Dullaghan describes her experience working with Spiritually & Health magazine.

"I have a new illustration I want to share. This was done for Spirituality & Health magazine for their Special Interest Publication called “Sustainable You,” and it is chock full of ideas for nurturing ourselves and nurturing the planet. Yummy, huh? I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with conscious companies like Spirituality & Health."

"This particular illustration was for a story called ”More than Money Can Buy,” — an article about knowing when money isn’t the only way to define wealth (a theme I’ve been personally interested in for a while now). The idea I came up with was two snails: one has a shell much to large for him to carry comfortably (too much wealth), and the other has a small shell (less wealth by choice) and he’s even been liberated of that via hitchhiking on a passing butterfly."

Penelope concludes, "I really enjoyed working on this one and hope you’ll check out the magazine to see it for yourself." :)