Penelope Dullaghan Keeps on the Sunny Side

Penelope Dullaghan from Scott Hull Associates giraffe postcard
Penelope Dullaghan from Scott Hull Associates giraffe postcard

Recently a postcard from Penelope Dullaghan featuring a most content-looking giraffe made its way into your mailbox. Make you feel sunny? We thought you'd like to know the story behind this optimistic image:

Scott: What inspired you to do this card?Penelope: This illustration was inspired by my mom who is the most positive person I know. Whenever there's trouble she calmly rises above it and sees the bright side. One of my favorite things she says is: "It'll be interesting to see what happens." Instead of judging or reacting, she just observes what happens with curiosity and openness. I just love that and wanted a visual reminder.

S: What was the inspiration of the colors?P: I chose to use blue and yellow-orange because they are opposites on the color wheel. I think the juxtaposition of color helps enhance the concept.

S: How did you approach the process?P: The video below sums it up completely! Step 1 - mix paint. Step 2 - paint. Step 3 - voilá! Well, there might be a little more to it, but that’s less fun to show. :)

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