Penelope Dullaghan in HOW Magazine

What do you know!  HOW magazine did a blurb on Penelope Dullaghan for their SEEN section.  It's always  a good feeling when you get a little ink. Scott Hull Associates Penelope Dullaghan in HOW magazine

Penelope Dullaghan describes her style as whimsical, involving fluid, simple shapes rendered in an energetic palette. “I often have a single color that sets the tone for the piece, with unusual secondary colors that make it interesting.” Says the Indianapolis-based illustrator who works in acrylic, ink, charcoal and digital. Dullaghan’s muses include both nature and her daughter. “Sounds cheesy, but I get a lot of inspiration from my daughter’s drawing,” she says. “Her proportions and faces make me think outside the box… That kind of freedom in thought is bound (to) be influential.” Dullaghan, whose illustrations were recently featured on a line of Create and Barrel housewares, is most proud of how her art has evolved. “As I’ve explored life in a simpler way, my art has gotten less complicated and les over-thought. And I think it’s better for it.”

Thanks HOW!