Eric Nyffeler-Portland's sketchXchange Guest

Eric Nyffeler invited to sXc in Portland, OR

"Every single texture I use is something that I made myself by hand. I’ve never even played with any sort of brush or texture pack or whatever they’re called." - Eric Nyffeler

l am super excited, flattered, and/or losing-sleep-nervous that the good people at WeMake PDX have invited me to participate in their truly inspiring SketchXchange series! I will be covering the walls of their headquarters with every scribble, scrapple, and chunk of colored paper that I've made in the last few years. There will also be a Q & A / discussion moderated by Portland design celebrity Brett P Stenson, so you know I'm guaranteed to say something embarrassing once or twice. This event takes place on Friday, January 5th at 6:00pm, so hurry up and pick up a ticket, which comes with a complimentary 9" x 9" screenprint designed by yours truly! WeMake just posted an interview with me, which will give you a little more insight of what to expect from the event.

You can see Eric's portfolio by clicking here