For Eric Nyffeler, This One Just Clicked


This crew of robotic rock roadies are built of amplifiers, pedals, tubes, microphones and a lot of heart.  They rocked shirts, pins and guitar picks at this year's National Association of Music Merchant Tradeshow.  A campaign this detail-rich was bound to have required endless conceptual meetings and edits until it was perfect, right?


(Ready to be jealous?) The collaboration between Scott Hull Associates artist Eric Nyffeler and guitar pedal company Chase Bliss Audio went a little something like this:

Chase Bliss: "We need art for this idea we have."

Eric: "Oh, I have the perfect thing."

*makes art

Chase Bliss: "We love it, and we'll take it!"

*uses said art

*Has wildly successful tradshow

*Has to reorder stock to fulfill demand

Okay, this may be oversimplified, but not by much.  According to Eric, the earliest pencil roughts were 99 percent the same as the final illustration used by the company. It's the dream situation for both artist and creaive team.  Sometimes it just clicks.

In this case, Eric already had an established admiration for his client's product.  As a lifelong musician and avid gear collector, Eric has long ben a fan of Chase Bliss' equipment.  And since he was so in tune with his client, he already had a seed of inspiratin even before he was asked to work on thir project.

Joel Korte, owner of Chase Bliss Audio, needed two things from Eric:

1. Incorporate the slogan, "DIGITAL BRAIN, ANALOG HEART."

2. Create something so eye-catching, it would be impossible to ignore.

"Once the client told me they wanted me to incorporate their slogan, the idea of these robot-instrument amalgamations immediately popped into my head.  Adding in the subtle referenes to the human heart was what pulled everything together."

The result is a collaboration made in heaven, exceeded client expectations and a road crew that rocks.

Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano.jpg
Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano title.jpg
Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano 0.jpg