Amalga Distillery Case Study with Eric Nyffeler


The Challenge Design the next edition of Amalga Distillery’s enamelware camping mug.  

The Solution Commission designer, illustrator, and overall standup human being, Eric Nyffeler to bring the vision to life.

The Result Channeling Amalga Distillery’s clean, bright, and fresh aesthetic, Eric created a vintage and minimalist design that speaks directly to Alaska's enormous wilderness and appeals to the outdoor enthusiasts who fill the state.


Amalga’s Distillery’s Owner, Brandon Howard had this to say about the experience of working with Eric, “Normally, when working with other designers, we have a heavier hand in the process. There is more direction, more reviews, and more process before finding the finished product—which is valuable time taken away from our day. But not with Eric. He’s amazing—a true professional. We trust him. And in the end, we loved the final results and so did our audience.

We get pictures from our customers constantly, photographing our products designed by Eric. They post to social media, they get gifts for their friends, they have an attachment, because we've taken into consideration good design—people appreciate good design presented in a physical manifestation… they don't get a lot of it these days. And through our work with Eric, we get to offer that to our audience.”

If you’d like to work with Eric or discuss a potential project, reach out to Scott.