Michael Bast + Celestial Seasonings

The world’s most famous unknown artist has struck again.  Michael Bast, working with Winnie Edwards of Celestial Seasonings, has re-designed the classic “Zinger” box for Celestial Seasonings.  This over-haul of the “Zinger specific” brand (the flavors range from Acaí Mango to most famous, Red Zinger trademark tea) is the most expansive Celestial has done in 40 years.  As not to stray too far from it’s classical roots, yet ad a flair that wasn’t in the original packaging, Michael was asked to create a stronger flavor impression, with a universal narrative reminiscent of the existing imagery.  They wanted him to design and paint the classic Celestial island seascape used on all the Zinger brands, and to paint flavor imagery separately, on layers to aid in the layout adjustments. Having always admired the art work used in Celestial’s tea packaging, Michael considers it a dream come true to have been involved in it’s re-branding.  Celestial Seasonings were as equally impressed with Michael and chose him over others because of his work digitally and his ability to meet their break neck deadlines.