Meg Hunt Goes Social With Coach

Scott Hull Associates Meg Hunt illustration for Coach for social media advertising in pinterest and instagram Art tells a story. A story that can be interpreted in a number of ways. It is the only medium that can create an environment, make a display, and leave it up to the individual to interpret, all at once. When creating illustrations to increase brand awareness, we all gather inspiration from different things, in different places, and at different times to come up with something wonderfully unique.

Taking brand awareness to the world of social media, Coach asked Meg Hunt to make a piece inspired by New York style. When thinking of the City, she thought of crowds pulsing with life, color and pattern. The strong lines of the new Coach bag reminded her of the lines of the City’s streets and moving in a forward direction. Thus, the subway seemed like the perfect juxtaposition to this lively chaos!

Meg was intrigued when Coach brought this project to her. Because social media has always encouraged her to share part of herself with the world, it’s also blurred the lines from the visual universe and the real world. Projects like this one from Coach are just a natural extension of that idea.

Out of curiosity, I asked her where she sees the value in creating and showing work through a venue like Instagram. Here’s what she had to say: “Illustration has the opportunity to stop a viewer in its tracks and break the scrolling habit; it fills the frame of a post with color, life and perspective.

“Because really, illustration is a perfect medium for social networking-- it is lively, larger than life even; it explodes with vitality and provides a uniquely personal perspective for an audience to connect with. In the age of Instagram, experiences can be documented with a swipe and the click of a shutter; it's effortless, easily replicable, and frozen in time.“

This color, life, and perspective tell the story of Coach and New York. It is one that we can all relate to on some level. Hunt takes these elements and turns them into the art that illustrates our everyday lives.

Now that’s a story worth following!