Mark Riedy + the Visual Branding of DataYard

Mark Reidy from Scott Hull Associates visual brand for DataYard

The repositioning of Donet from a local internet provider to a serious player in the corporate data arena required a serious brand overhaul. Enter creative director Jän Ostendorf of Purpose Branding LLC.

“Our goal was to reposition the company to align with the CEO’s ten-year strategy,” said Jän. “The old name and brand were not perceived as a serious contender for larger corporate needs. There was also confusion about how to pronounce the old name - Doo-Net, Dough Net and Donét. (French, I guess). Overall, the CEO wanted to realign the Company’s image to be more hands-on rather than an online self-service like many of its competitors”.

The solution? DataYard. The naming choice possessed strong visual possibilities by relating the digital network to a railroad hub of the industrial era.

Enter illustrative designer Mark Riedy. “I like to work with iconic images, so this 19th century, industrial era railroad theme was too good to pass up,” said Riedy. “The client wanted brand imagery that reflected serious, hands-on business capabilities. My work often seems to revolve around strong, heroic themes. The actual style I use to convey those themes seems to shift according to the parameters of each assignment. Some are very complex, realistic renderings while others call for simple flat, graphic solutions. What I liked about working with Jän, as with all good art directors, was the collaborative working relationship. I think it elevates my work and fosters the creation of unique brand imagery for the client. It is more rewarding to create an illustrative design together than just repeating a past success.”

Jän agrees. “A good illustrator is able to create a visual that embodies many of the brand attributes that we are wanting to communicate. It’s those intangible (non-verbal) cues that reinforce the purpose and emotional benefits a brand provides.”

The results? DataYard now acquires larger contracts from larger corporations, replacing many of the smaller, high-maintenance and low-profit clients with more of those that fit DataYard’s ideal client description.

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Mark Riedy from Scott Hull Associates visual identity for DataYard
Mark Riedy from Scott Hull Associates for the visual branding of DataYard
Mark Riedy from Scott Hull Associates for the visual branding of DataYard