John Maggard Building Hayward Baker's Brand

Dan Townsend, owner and Creative Director at Townsend Communication Arts client geotechnical construction firm Hayward Baker, was actually just looking for somebody who understood unusual visual perspective. What they got with John Maggard was “a brilliant illustrator who gave us so much more.” But we’re jumping a head. Initially this specialty organization, whose work is typically unseen below the surface of the Earth, sought art for the annual calendar they send to customers, suppliers, and industry experts. And for obvious logistical reasons, photography was out.

SHA artist John Maggard fit the bill and then some, creating ingenious artwork that launched a twelve-year (and counting) relationship that the client credits with distinguishing their brand in a competitive field and even helping (no kidding) grow sales by 500%. “The illustrations have taken on a life of their own* and elevated Hayward Baker to the status of #1 Geotechnical Engineering firm in North America.” John has enjoyed working on it, too: “It’s always a challenge … we've utilized many different points of view and themes over the years to provide something different and visually interesting, while keeping the informational component realistic and accurate.”

* He’s not kidding about the “life of their own” part, either. John’s artwork has gone beyond the annual calendar to be used as engineering aids in colleges and institutions around the world.