Larry Moore Honored by Paint Richmond

We're super pleased to share that Larry Moore's painting "Kuba Kuba" was honored at Paint Richmond. Larry has, for several years now, participated in plein air painting events around the country. Basically, a plein air painting event is a gallery or museum show where artists come with blank canvases and create an exhibit by the end of the week. "The interior was painted in the restaurant called Kuba Kuba (hence the name). I enjoy this kind of painting because I can bring my illustration skills to the table", Moore shares.  "I am often asked if I have an illustration background and when I reply to the affirmative, they usually say, "Oh that explains it." As much as I love painting outdoors, I love these interiors, there is an opportunity for some kind of narrative in the image. I was hoping someone would show up and sit at the end of the bar and someone did."

When all is said and done, Larry's painting took honors, which is actually pretty darn tough to do with 50 very talented artists turning in 5 to 10 paintings each.

Along with the honor, Larry also appreciated getting free drinks!

Scott Hull Associates' Larry Moore takes honors at Paint Richmond for Kuba Kuba