Larry Moore Explores Cuba


Cuba: A step into this land that time forgot…

Scott Hull Associates artist, Larry Moore was invited to Cuba, where only a handful of American artists had been in the last 50 years or so.

Larry was honored to explore this country with other traveler/painters through PleinArt magazine.

“Overall, the Paint Cuba! event was fantastic, an explortion of sight, sound, smell, taste, memory, political philosophy and empathy.”

“Painting there is tough in that there are so many choices, there’s no shortage of busted-up walls, faded high-chroma stucco veneers, dusty open hallway glimpses into the lives of the locals, crumbling infrastructure, and laundry hanging in the windows.”

“Cuba got stuck. It’s a visual essay on socio-political economics and people who seem to be happy despite having very little, who make do and do so with pride for their country. It would seem that the ultimate outcome of a bloody revolution some 50-plus years ago was simply one heck of a great place to paint.”

Larry Moore from Scott Hull Associates, Cuba Old Havan

Larry Moore from Scott Hull Associates, Cuba Dancers and Blue CarLarry Moore from Scott Hull Associates, Cuba City

Larry Moore from Scott Hull Associates, Cuba man playing bass

If you are as intriqued and inspired as I am by this story and these PleinAir paintings, Click here to experience Larry’s adventure first hand…