John Maggard : Waterworks Museum

Ever wonder where water comes from? Just ask John Maggard. John recently completed a series of digital animations for The Waterworks Museum, a new Boston attraction educating visitors on one of the country’s first metropolitan water systems.

Photo of The Waterworks Museum courtesy of Linda Rosenthal

These 3-D animations are displayed on video screens mounted around each engine to illustrate and explain to the viewer how these large water pumps and engines actually once worked.

Although, John Maggard is known to have a passion and interest in steam technology and 3D animation, creating these particular animations wasn’t simple. He explains, “A lot of research was required to learn how turn-of-the-century steam-powered pumps like these worked, and how they were put together.

The client provided contact with a local historian and expert on the facility. He, in turn, knew all about these particular engines but not how to visually depict their workings, the pumps or facility. As a result, it fell to me to also script out, storyboard and write the narrative that runs in the finished animations.”

Marjoie Prager, Exhibit Developer/Project Manager for the Waterworks Museum, states, “The immense pumps and engines that dominate the space have been preserved, and John Maggard's brilliant animations were designed to bring their intricate workings to life for visitors.”

Although this project was nothing short of a challenge, it was an overall positive experience. “I learned a number of new tools and processes along the way, while working with some great people throughout both on technical and historical aspects of the subject,” says John.

Marjorie has this to say about working with John, “John's passion for the subject matter, attention to detail and wonderful collaborative spirit made this project a pleasure from start to finish.”

John Maggard’s hard work and effort paid off… Scott Hull Associates was awarded a 2011 Preservation Achievement Award by the Boston Preservation Alliance.