John Maggard + American Heart Association

John Maggard was requested for the 32rd. time, to design a poster for the mini-marathon and heart walk put on by the Cincinnati Heart Assoc. John art directed himself and beautifully executed a print advertising the annual race. The appeal is to both long distance running enthusiasts and the public alike. Posters in this series have become a collectable in some quarters, so the challenge every year is to remain fresh and interesting. A further goal since the inception of this series has been to produce posters that break from then norm of art that usually depicts runners, and instead works with themes seemingly unrelated visually to the actual event.

The poster theme this year is a visual reference to the running term, of a “wall” that runners overcome mid-way thru a race. The wall is represented quite literally with the piece that shows a train crashing furiously through a large brick wall. Using a “super hero” theme that ties into other marketing styles of the association, the heroic viewpoint, rendering and color palate, is more similar to a comic book style than reality. This is the first time in several years that John was able to collaborate with Cliff Schwandner, who originally got him involved in producing this series in the early 80’s.

The response from this campaign, as it has been for the past 32 years, is overwhelmingly positive and continues to be an award winner.