Introducing the Talent of Stephen Eric Thomas


I'm very exited to announce Stephen Eric Thomas has joined our family of talented artists. To help you learn more about this British, Manhattan based talent and his unique approach of combining a modern progressive look with traditional media, continue reading on.

Can you describe your work or style for us? I use traditional media within a digital platform. Meaning, I create on a computer using a drawing software that reproduces natural drawing and painting tools. I work towards using strong simple compositions, with strong color palettes. Not necessarily strong colors, but thoughtful use of colors interplay. I enjoy employing a variety of line work, shape, space and textures within a single piece.

As an illustrator, name three qualities or skills you are most proud of? (1) Using a variety of rendering techniques for various elements within each illustration, whilst keeping an over all cohesive look. (2) Combining a modern progressive approach with essentially traditional media. (3) A general desire to achieve something that does not already exist.

Stephen, what does an art director need to know about you? I respect the team effort of the commercial art world. I listen well and know how to translate those needs. I will doggedly pursue those goals in a relaxed and personable manner using my unique skills.

What would you consider your “mantra”? I like the Winston Churchill quote, "Without history, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it's a corpse."

What types of brands or projects are a good fit for you as an ideal client? I prefer to work with clients I feel have a degree of good intent. Doesn't have to necessarily be an empirically noble goal, but preferably one who hasn't blatantly sold their soul to the devil. Then again, I do have two kids, a wife, and a mortgage.

I see, then what’s one thing you wish creative buyers knew about you and/or your art? I would like them to know how much I care about creating something special and unique. I don't say that I ever achieve it, but I'm always aiming for it.

Finally, what hobbies fuel your creativity? Music, Photography, Theater, Songwriting, Travel.