Illustrative Thinker: Meg Hunt

Hopefully you recently received a postcard from Meg Hunt. Interested in seeing how Meg came up with the "Botanical Bull" concept? Scroll down... Meg Hunt from Scott Hull Associates postcard project Botanical Bull

An interview with Meg Hunt

What inspired you to do this card? I've been thinking a lot about wordplay and linguistics-- they've always been a way for my brain to make interesting visual connections. So after reading a list of idioms, the phrase 'bull in a china shop' seemed really interesting to riff on-- what if I illustrated someone big and strong and brash who loved hobbies that require a lot more finesse. So I then asked myself, what would be this bull's favorite space? I decided to depict him trimming a delicate peacock topiary inside a greenhouse surrounded by his favorite things-- houses of cards, teacups, plants, books and models.

How did you approach the process? Everything starts with writing and sketching, and often I will use personal pieces to try a new method or tool. For this one, I experimented with an atomizer to mist ink onto masked out areas (like the apron) to get a unique texture. A lot of the character of the piece is figured out by mixing tools together and making marks that later get teased out and activated with color in Photoshop-- it's an organic and rich process for me to make new discoveries.

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Meg Hunt from Scott Hull Associates for postcard project Botanical Bull