Meg Hunt Works Her Magic

Meg Hunt's Creature Feature Enamel Pins

Meg Hunt's Creature Feature Enamel Pins

The creative process fascinates me. It's a good thing too because, in my line of work, I get a front row seat to the show each time an artist on my team turns a thought into a thing. I asked Meg Hunt to share a little bit about her newest project, and how she brought life to something that only lived in her imagination.

“For the past several years, I take part in a huge holiday sale in Portland, Oregon called Crafty Wonderland. Every time I participate, I find it's an opportunity to challenge myself in different way. Over the last few years I've focused in on a common theme to make a mini-collection of products. This year's theme was "Creature Feature."

The pin designs stemmed out of a lifelong love of mythological creatures. I have always been fascinated by those larger-than-life creatures that are both monstrous and beautiful, who would be emblazoned on heraldry as a source of strength but also told harrowing tales about over campfires. Monsters and mythology bridge cultures and can explain those things that we can't fully know, but suspect exist out there. In a way, it ties in with my love of characters-- you can find a personality in the shapes and lines that make up a character, but it's not something you can completely define. However, I didn't want to portray these creatures as being fearsome or alien, but playful and curious. Thus, the mermaid, griffin, faun and mandrake root are from different locales (the woods, the earth, the air, the sea) but could join you on your own journey, providing strength and cheer.”

I can spot the difference between art created with the intent to profit, and art created with the intent to inspire from a mile away. And you know what? So can consumers. That's why I only work with artists who bring big inspiration to everything they create. It makes all of the difference, all of the time.