Von Glitschka Introduces Mr. Curious

an interview with Von Glitschka Glitschka-Von-logo-scott-hull-associates

Von, we would love to highlight one of your projects. Could you walk us through the creation of your recent Futility Closet identity project? The heart of this project was the audience who listens to this podcast. It’s those who are by their very nature curious, enjoy learning about obscure and forgotten history. The format of the show is sophisticated yet very approachable. These characteristics gave birth to the character for their brand identity and his name is Mr. Curious. A gentleman connoisseur of off the wall historical narratives.

How do you approach the process of understanding your client’s needs? The producers had no idea at the time they approached me but I was already a fan of their podcast which I had discovered a couple years earlier. So I developed a distinct approach based on their genre and market.

What were some of the thoughts that fueled the direction of the design? Educated fun would be a good way to describe each episode, so I felt the mark needed to reflect this persona.

What do you do to create a comfortable and effective communication experience with your clients? I offer more than the mere design and illustration, I help audit a request, ask strategic questions and offer additional possibilities beyond expectations as much as I can. For a small business like this client I take the time to explain each phase so they know what to expect and thus demystify the often mis-understood creative process.

In what ways did the initial concepts differ from the finished work? The brand logo didn’t diverge too much from the initial ideations, but the bigger picture brand in terms of marketing did. As an ongoing way to promote and gain more listeners we created what I call “Quotable Prints” which takes historic quotations and illustrate them using engraved art from the turn of the century and collaging them into compelling concept driven visuals that listeners can print out and hang up.

How would you describe the feeling you get when you know you have satisfied your client? When a client contacts me and communicates surprise because someone else contacted them just to say how much they liked their logo. They are always kind of shocked, and come to realize that good design combined with intelligent marketing and of course quality product and services really does have intrinsic value.

What is it about your style that makes businesses want to work with you? I’m able to provide a gamut of styles to thoroughly explore creative possibilities. I also consider marketing strategy even when it’s not technically part of the work I’ve been asked to do and offer ideas along with the assets I’ve been hired to create. I like to make the job of a CD or AD easier and more enjoyable.

What’s one thing you wish creative buyers knew about you and/or your illustration style?  Design by it’s very nature is style-driven. So I can offer appropriate explorations in a range of styles to broaden a clients creative potential. Life is too short for one trick ponies.

What gadget can’t you live without? Why? My Drobo. It contains 20+ years of archived artwork and resources I can access in seconds. Glitschka-Von-Futility-logo_backround-scott-hull-associates

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