Little Pin with a Big Impact

Dullaghan-Penelope-PinCause-Emma-Watson-650-Scott-Hull-Associates Penelope Dullaghan is committed to sharing her creativity, wisdom, sense of design and big heart with others - especially if it’s for a good cause. In collaboration with Pincause, Penelope created an iconic design that is uniting hearts around the globe.

Penelope’s colorful work caught the eye of Kate Lind and Nate Stevens of Pincause, who reached out asking Penelope to design a pin for the Women’s March on Washington. The ideas she came up with were all based on unifying people.

Kate and Nate’s quote says it all: “We believe it’s through LOVE and understanding that we can bring out our best selves and find solutions to our problems – together. That’s why we turned a closed fist into the American Sign Language sign for LOVE from the Deaf Culture.” Penelope adds, “This symbol is designed to reach all people, reminding us of our shared values and humanity.”

Lind says, “We have been saddened by the hate we see across the country and in our own community, and we believe compassion and understanding can move our country forward. Love is nonpartisan and will be a unifying force for people who stand for women’s rights.”

Pincause has sold over 38,000 pins and raised more than $76,000 in donations, and it’s still going strong.

The message is spreading – LOVE and compassion can unify!

Dullaghan-Penelope-Pincause-Women's March-scott-hull-associates

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