Dave Reinbold Remastering The Beatles

Their best songs/albums have been re-mastered, you can personally master their guitar moves, and virtually become one of your beloved Beatles. Thanks to the concert stimulating, icon emulating, mega-hit game, Rockband’s release, The Beatles Rockband.

In short, the Beatles are on the rise again. And in keeping with cultures ebb and flow, Scott Hull Associates artist, Dave Reinbold has reinterpreted portraits of the beloved Beatles from their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Dave purchased Sgt. Peppers re-mastered because of a quote he had read by Paul McCartney. "It sounds like I'm in the session,” says McCartney. "I hear John and think, 'There he is'. You can almost close your eyes and see him." While he listened to what is widely considered one of the most influential albums of all time, Dave was inspired by the psychedelic rock-style of the album and art of the era. Dave explains, “I didn't really know how I wanted them to look I just started with John and the drawing started flowing out. I thought of the ‘psychedelic’ posters that influenced that era and allowed everything else to come naturally.’

So along with the Beatles, Dave Reinbold is re-mastering his art. Check it out.