Curtis Parker + Barron's Annual Forecast

Scott Hull Associates Curtis Parker for Barron's ForecastCurtis Parker for Barron's Forecast Curtis Parker has illustrated the New Year cover issue for Barron’s Financial Forecast for over 15 plus years. So naturally, the creative challenge each year is to make sure it stands apart from all the previous years’ covers.

"Pamela Budz at Barron’s wanted to show a chess match for this year’s Outlook 2015 cover", comments Curtis."I liked the idea. The wood paneled study seemed the appropriate setting for these two icons to go after each other. And the bull is winning at least for now and Barron’s liked the image. What more could I ask for."

Art director Pamela Budz has this to say about working with Curtis over the past decade, “I’ve worked with Curtis for many years. His illustration truly has a magical aura. It’s strong both conceptually and visually — with beautifully crafted lines, composition and color. It makes any project I’m working on look special. Additionally, he’s just the nicest guy who makes me believe that my ideas are wonderful.”

Scott Hull Associates Curtis Parker for Barrons