Curtis Parker + Health Progress Magazine

Our good friends at Catholic Health Association commissioned Curtis Parker to illustrate an issue focused on immigration. Not just one or two illustrations but the whole issue with seven illustrations. "When this project landed on my drawing board I was excited by the idea of being the sole illustrator for the entire issue with six full page images and the cover image as well. It was a challenge with the theme of immigration throughout that my illustrations would have a fresh viewpoint and not be redundant. But I loved the idea that there was this continuity of theme as well as a continuity of painting style with a single illustrator. As a result the magazine issue has a solid design look and feel."

"My approach was to send rough sketches to the new editor, Mary Ann Steiner, then through a conference call focus on the images chosen or new direction in some cases. I wanted the final images to be graphic and colorfully textured to give a sense of optimism and hope. It was a work of collaboration. I owe much of its success to the discussions between myself and Ms Steiner and our shared vision of this issue of the magazine."

Mary Ann explained that their magazine uses one illustrator per issue so the illustrator can really get a feel for the theme and play out the different facts with related images.

She also expressed how fortunate she feels Health Progress is to be able to work with illustrators, "who carefully read the articles and come up with creative visuals that lead our readers into the story or insight".

Thank you Mary Ann for the opportunity!  Looking forward to another issue.

Curtis Parker cover for Health Progress

Curtis Parker for Health Progress Magazine on Immigration

Curtis Parker for Health Progress Magazine of Nigerian Woman

Curtist Parker for Health Progress Magazine about playgrounds

Curtis Parker for Health Progress Magazine on Immigration the dove