Artist | Mark Riedy

Scott Hull Associates Seeing into the Future at AdobeMAX

Over 12,000 creatives gathered in Las Vegas last month hoping to discover "what's next" in a world where creativity and technology are equal partners in original design.

Red, White and Blueberries

Family, Fun, Friends and Food - Celebrate the ol' USA along with Scott Hull Associates illustrators as they share a taste of their favorite picnic foods!

Submissions That Didn’t Exactly Make the Cut

The talent at Scott Hull Associates is so fortunate to collabrate with some amazing people. But there are those rare times when a concept doesn't quite make the cut. These are a few of those rejections the artists were willing to share.

Mark Riedy + Dessert for the Eyes

Mark Riedy was commissioned to to create the likeness of football star and budding entrepreneur, Bo Jackson. Bo was releasing a line of homemade frozen pies based on momma's own recipes.