Artist | Larry Moore

These 9 Illustrations Spring From The Page

Spring is finally here. And after this long winter, we could all use some sun. To help shake off the cold weather, we had a few of our illustrators put Spring to paper.

Larry Moore's "Surfology" Continues Dude!

Larry Moore has offically tagged the term, "Surfology". After the success of a series of beach paintings, our own surfer continues the endless summer of ideas with large wave paintings. What else do you do when you've studied breaking waves for over 40 years (Larry started surfing at a very young age)

Larry Moore Explores Cuba

Scott Hull Associates artist Larry Moore recently went to Havana on a pioneer group expedition to capture the sensory overload and salsa beat lifestyle of this soon-to-be-changing island. Larry, along with this roving band of intrepid visual explorers, just happened to land in Cuba before the President of the United States and the Pope!

Larry Moore Behind the Art of "Surfology"

an interview with Larry Moore Larry Moore from Scott Hull Associates Surfology: Painting a life on Coca Beach

What inspired you illustrate a series on surfing? It was actually a show about growing up in Cocoa Beach. I called it "Surfology" because beach culture was the bulk of my youth.

“Where do ideas come from?”

A brilliant idea can change your life. Just ask Steve Jobs. And think about it – how would one incredible idea affect your work? How would it affect your personal creating? Your career? Your confidence and opportunities?

Scott Hull Associates + Panera

Panera Bread was looking to freshen up their in-store cafe decor with a gallery direction theme of the world's largest collection of bread artwork. The in-house design group in charge needed to put together an impressive presentation of original artwork with a broad range of styles in a very short time. After explaining the theme and audience to Scott Hull, he put out a call to his talented associates. The resulting imagery made for a presentation that wowed the client and was readily available for reproduction and mass application to customize each cafe.