Bring the Horizon World to Life


Providing America's families with wholesome organic dairy products has been the heart and soul of Horizon for over twenty years. The face of their brand has always been whimsical and cheerful. But when it came time to refresh their packaging, the folks at Horizon hoped to invite who they care about most to into the story; the kiddos. 


To achieve the feel they were going for, Horizon’s Senior Design Manager, Kate Coslett, planned to use existing scenic illustrations from their packaging, and integrate a wide range of active kids playing and engaging with their all-natural ingredients. The vision is a multi-textured, vibrant farm, with a mixed media collage feel.

Kate and her team enlisted the help of Scott Hull Associates to get a capable artist on board. Horizon wanted a world soaked in fun and curiosity that is sweet and stylish too. They weren't looking to revamp their branding completely, but to layer it in seamlessly in a way that only a generous contributor can. Scott knew Immediately that Lisa Ballard was the one for the job.

Lisa loved the idea and suggested a style that had a children's book feel using watercolor mixed with flat line art and patterned shapes. Lisa got to work creating a library of doodle images that reinforced a cute and joyous atmosphere. She conceived the elements to be scalable, easily integrable, and cohesive.

The creative talents of Lisa Ballard mixed with her backdrops resulted in simple, modern, illustrations that are kid and adult friendly. It was the perfect recipe for success.

And if we don’t say so ourselves, it is pretty darn adorable. And now we're hungry for mac and cheese.

Lisa-Ballard-Horizon-Box Reading.jpeg