Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

The MODbotanical collection of Lisa Ballard
The MODbotanical collection of Lisa Ballard

Sitting at a computer and doing what you know so well is a comforting thing. Lisa Ballard has been doing that for over 25 years! But for the last few years her creative soul has been stepping further away from her comfort zone. Don’t get her wrong… the computer still plays an important roll in her process (it always has been a great tool) and she's always incorporated hand-drawn imagery into her digital work. It’s just that she has been a maker since she was a little girl. Her father was a great inspiration to her. She grew up in a house with a metal and a wood shop and he made an art studio for her and her sisters. She constantly organized craft projects for her friends and took LOTS of classes in woodworking, jewelry making, pottery etc…

Now she is an empty nester with time to finally get back to her roots. She joined a creative group called “Creative Juice”. Joining this group was one of her first steps out of her comfort zone. She lives in the country and was feeling very isolated which has a way of sucking the life out of a person. A friend told her about a group of independent creators that meet every Monday morning at RedTree coffee shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to one meeting and was hooked.

At the new year, each Creative Juicer decided to pick a word for the year (rather than a resolution) that encapsulates their intentions for the year. She had been experimenting with all sorts of materials and processes for the last few months and had been yearning to travel more to get inspired, so she chose the word… E X P L O R E.

Her creative exploration has been in the interior design market. Taking her brand she calls MODbotanicals and applying her designs to furniture, clay wall plaques and even wood burning.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. She has an idea of where she wants to go, but doesn't know the exact path because it’s about the surprises along the way. That is creativity to Lisa… exploring the possibilities!

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