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Little Pin with a Big Impact

Penelope Dullaghan is committed to sharing her creativity, wisdom, sense of design and big heart with others - especially if it’s for a good cause. In collaboration with Pincause, Penelope created an iconic design that is uniting hearts around the globe.

2016 Submissions That Didn’t Exactly Make the Cut

The talent at Scott Hull Associates is so fortunate to collabrate with some amazing people. But there are those rare times when a concept doesn't quite make the cut. These are a few of those rejections the artists were willing to share.

Von Glitschka Introduces Mr. Curious

When the hosts of The Futility Closet podcast contacted Von Glitschka to rebrand their iTunes show what they didn't know is that Von was already a long time fan and listener of their weekly broadcast. Read our interview with Von and meet Mr. Curious the embodiment of this ideal.

Von Glitschka Brings Fun to SXSW Interactive Conference

Every year the SXSW Interactive Conference invites a different artist to design the graphics that’ll appear on the tote bags given out to thousands of attenders. We’re honored to announce that Von Glitschka was chosen to provide the artwork for the 2016 SXSW Interactive Conference. Those who participate and attend the SXSW Interactive Conference are creative, tech-loving geeks looking to experience the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. So Von's design captures that ideal in a fun and memorable way.