2016 Submissions That Didn’t Exactly Make the Cut

On any given project, our artists produce a whole slew of concept sketches. Our clients often remark that sometimes it’s hard to choose! We get that. And sometimes we’re bummed about the ones that hit the cutting room floor. So we thought we’d revive a few of those poor rejects to show you some of our favorite concepts that didn’t see the light of day. Tuson-Lorraine-Panera-Dressing-scott-hull-associates LORRAINE TUSON Food For Thought

As an illustrator I've worked in a variety of different arenas; book, packaging, advertising, editorial, posters. etc. Many of these require some serious conceptual exploration, the need to find visual metaphors and a language that works well with the text or story it is partnering with. It's always a fulfilling challenge but when the opportunity to do something a little less intense, (but equally important nevertheless), comes along I jump at the chance.

Panera was contemplating bottling their own dressing and food products and I was asked to come up with some ideas for the labels. The challenge to find my own way of illustrating simple fruit spots was tons of fun... alas it wasn't to be.

The project was canned...pardon the pun.

************************************************** Glitschka-Von-Dragon-Bearings-sketch-scott-hull-associates VON GLITSCHKA Thou shall not steal

This client originally used 99designs.com and the person who won their crowd source competition to design their logo had stolen my dragon design I had done for Hasbro. Someone informed them and they contacted me, they approved my quote and I created a new brand design for them. One business partner loved it the and the other didn’t. So they wanted to make a lot of unnecessary changes and I basically told them I wouldn’t and cut them free saying “You don’t owe me anything, I’m going to keep the design and use it myself.”

I created some stickers and posted a picture on Instagram a month or so later, the business partner who liked the design saw it contacted me and said “I apologize for my partners ignorance we want to go with your design.” So we picked up where we left off and I went on to design their new packaging as well. This whole situation was very odd, frustrating, but ultimately rewarding.

************************************************** Dullaghan-Penelope-rejection-Scots-scott-hull-associates PENELOPE DULLAGHAN The editorial challenge

One line of the article I was illustrating went something like this: "Kale was someone with a Scottish accent yelling the word kill, and upon hearing it we would run in terror to the cottage Pa had built and hide, trembling, behind the woodpile."

I sent four concepts to the client, and they went with a different one. But I was disappointed because who wouldn’t want to paint a muscle-bound Scot racing into battle with a leaf?

************************************************** Ballard-Lisa-SunChips-scott-hull-associates LISA BALLARD Giving Ingredients a BRAND new style

I was excited to take a very popular aisle in the supermarket, the snack aisle, and inject more personality to a brand that was currently using a typical photo treatment of flavor ingredients. The strength of color and pattern that is created when stocked on the shelf would have made this brand stand out. Unfortunately, the brand stayed with the more traditional ingredients photographic style.

************************************************** Hunt-Meg-psaprilsketches-scott-hull-associates MEG HUNT The sketch lives on

My editorial clients often give me a lot of freedom to explore a concept in different ways; this project was about 'different ways to consume knowledge'. I originally had explored some different ways showing knowledge being processed/prepared as in a restaurant or plant, which would have been possibly more literal and clear in terms of 'consumption' but would've been a great learning experience to draw, as machinery and automated systems aren't something I get to draw for client work. We went in a different direction ultimately, but I might turn the sketch into a personal piece in the future--most of my 'reject' sketches wind up being fodder for other work down the line!

************************************************** Riedy-Mark-goddes-flight-scott-hull-associates MARK RIEDY Goddess of Flight Story

Greek mythology counts many gods associated with the skies. Anemoi- the goddess of the winds, Aurae- The goddess of breezes, and Hera- goddess of air, to name a few. So when man took to the skies in the early days of the 20th century, and when they were more concerned with how to get up in the air than how to get back down, it only makes sense that the protection of another goddess was born- The Goddess of Flight.

The poster was conceived for the Anniversary of Flight and featured an adaptation to this now obscure deco sculpture, holding a globe and a Wright Flyer. Perhaps because the Goddess of Flight was relatively unknown to the public, this concept never made it past the sketch stage.

************************************************** Parker-Curtis-Admerica-sketch-scott-hull-associates CURTIS PARKER The forbidden zone

I wanted to paint this one about a Frenchman during WWII who devised a contraption to communicate with another guy in Switzerland because there was a forbidden zone seventy feet wide. Seemed innovative to me but the client went with another wacky idea instead.  So much for the idea of innovative communication.