When I say the word illustration what one word comes to mind?

Scotty Reifsnyder from Scott Hull Associates for Hemispheres - I am Woman
Scotty Reifsnyder from Scott Hull Associates for Hemispheres - I am Woman

illustration by Scotty Reinfsynder

For the last 3 decades I’ve dedicated myself to the world of visual thinking. You could call it commercial art, illustration, illustration design, or just plain art. Now I’m seeing an opportunity in this creative era to bridge the gap between art and commerce.

So began this little survey…

I created this survey as a benchmark to expand our clients vision though process. How can we help move markets? What makes one standout from the competition? Have the masses been hypnotized by advertising that is powerfully directing the world?

Leading and connecting visually is our fuel for the movement. John Patterson, founder of NCR stated in 1910, “The best way to teach is through the eye. It is hard to retain what we hear, but a person remembers 80% of what they see.”

Most of the responders used the words: unique, impact, emotion, different, or visualization the most. Adobe was named several times. Many postings were from web savvy or younger talent in this regard.

Designers, who made up 56% off the responses, most commonly said: pencil, underappreciated, freedom, digital, and visual. Artists responded with: Entrepreneur, passionate, and style.

Would you consider yourself or your company a trend leader or follower? How are you using illustration to build your client’s business?

Why are you not using illustration as a skill set to help reach your audience? Are you allowing tools to overshadow your skill?