Eric Nyffeler-HOW magazien-01-Scott Hull Associates

HOW Magazine: Eric Nyffeler Promoting Art With Art

Illustrator and poster designer Eric Nyffeler with an eye for authenticity. For HOW magazine, Eric explains how he’s managed to turn his passion into a successful career.


Red, White and Blueberries

Celebrate the ol’ USA along with the Scott Hull Associates illustrators as they share a taste of their favorite picnic foods!


Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Sitting at a computer and doing what you know so well is a comforting thing. Lisa Ballard has been doing that for over 25 years! But for the last few years her creative soul has been stepping further away from her comfort zone. Don’t get her wrong… the computer still plays an important roll in her process (it always has been a great tool) and she’s always incorporated hand-drawn imagery into her digital work. It’s just that she has been a maker since she was a little girl.


Meg Hunt: Animation is a Dream!

Transplant is a dreamy short film where things aren’t what they seem. Play leads to destruction. Discovery leads to growth. Our artist Meg Hunt partnered with her college pal and animator PMurphy for this beautiful end piece. It’ll definitely inspire you! Take a peek here.


O Magazine: Penelope Dullaghan Adventure + SALT Project

The lovely short film is the latest collaboration with Penelope Dullaghan, SALT and O Magazine. It’s a beautiful little “behind-the-scenes” look at the creative process of Penelope Dullaghan featured in the June 2017 edition.


Von Glitschka’s Patriotic Packaging for Publix Ice Cream

We love how this packaging turned out! Publix Super Markets needed an eye-catching illustration for their New York Cherry Cheesecake ice cream flavor. So they turned to artist Von Glitschka, asking him to include a New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty in his design. Von happily obliged and created a solid, memorable illustration that is looks just as tasty as the ice-cream inside!


Hill’s Pets – Standing Out is in the Bag

The setting: a crowded veterinary conference. A sea of animal lovers all gathering pamphlets and brochures and business cards. Ooh-ing and aah-ing over the latest in pet care as they bump elbows with their furry-friend-loving peers. So how do you stand out? Hill’s Pet Nutrition worked with art director Erin Lewis and our artist Penelope Dullaghan…


When Art Completes The Story

When a magazine invests the time and effort to dig deeply into a significant local patriarch, finding the right artistic style and artist is key to elevating the work to another level. There was something about Stephen Eric Thomas work that was so unique and unexpected that made him our first choice.


Taking a Visual Journey with Meg Hunt

When is a crochet book more than a how-to manual? When it takes the reader on a visual journey through forests, jungles, oceans and zoos. You can learn how utilizing fun and playful graphics from illustrator Meg Hunt, was a creative way to bring the projects to life, and keep the reader engaged


Little Pin with a Big Impact

Penelope Dullaghan is committed to sharing her creativity, wisdom, sense of design and big heart with others – especially if it’s for a good cause. In collaboration with Pincause, Penelope created an iconic design that is uniting hearts around the globe.