Original Art Works.

Jan 6

Mikey Burton + Craft Beer = KAIJU!

Mikey Burton brand design and illustrations for the devastatingly good, Kaiju! Beer, another product by the Autralia-based, South East Brewing Company. I highly recommend the Where Strides The Behemoth

Scott Hull Associates Mikey Burton for Kaiju! label

Scott Hull Associates Mikey Burton from Kaiju! logo

Scott Hull Associates Mikey Burton for Kaiju! bottles

Jan 5

Penelope Dullaghan+Papyrus Valentine’s Day Card

Scott Hull Associates Penelope Dullaghan for Papyrus Valentine's Day card

I’m excited to share Penelope Dullaghan’s Valentine’s Day card she did for Papyrus. You can find it at Target and wherever Papyrus cards are sold.

Jan 5

Scott Hull Associates + Panera

Panera Bread was looking to freshen up their in-store cafe decor with a gallery direction theme of the world’s largest collection of bread artwork. The in-house design group in charge needed to put together an impressive presentation of original artwork with a broad range of styles in a very short time. After explaining the theme and audience to Scott Hull, he put out a call to his talented associates. The resulting imagery made for a presentation that wowed the client and was readily available for reproduction and mass application to customize each cafe.

Scott Hull Associates Larry Moore for Panera in store cafe

Scott Hull Associates Larry Moore for Panera Bread cafe

Scott Hull Associates Curtis Parker for Panera Cafe

Jan 2

Curtis Parker + Barron’s Annual Forecast

Scott Hull Associates Curtis Parker for Barron's ForecastCurtis Parker for Barron’s Forecast

Curtis Parker has illustrated the New Year cover issue for Barron’s Financial Forecast for over 15 plus years. So naturally, the creative challenge each year is to make sure it stands apart from all the previous years’ covers.

“Pamela Budz at Barron’s wanted to show a chess match for this year’s Outlook 2015 cover”, comments Curtis.”I liked the idea. The wood paneled study seemed the appropriate setting for these two icons to go after each other. And the bull is winning at least for now and Barron’s liked the image. What more could I ask for.”

Art director Pamela Budz has this to say about working with Curtis over the past decade, “I’ve worked with Curtis for many years. His illustration truly has a magical aura. It’s strong both conceptually and visually — with beautifully crafted lines, composition and color. It makes any project I’m working on look special. Additionally, he’s just the nicest guy who makes me believe that my ideas are wonderful.”

Scott Hull Associates Curtis Parker for Barrons

Dec 15

18 Illustrated Gift Tags for free? Fancy!

Season’s Greetings!

We don’t know about you, but we spread holiday cheer by illustrating (of course!). We came up with 18 unique gift tags to share with you! Click to download the free PDF file with all of them neat in a row. Then just print them on cardstock (kraft is especially nice) and trim. Then you can get back to decking the halls and resuming the holly jolly.

Download the free illustrated gift tags here!

scott hull - 18 illustrated gift tags - free download