Original Art Works.

May 23

Penelope Dullaghan: A Short Film Documentary

A few months back, film maker John Burkett of Red Tide Productions did a mini documentary of Penelpe Dullgahan and her work for an artist project he was doing.  In this 4 minute film you see Penelope’s world.  A morning walk, her studio and watch her work.  I hope you enjoy the little glimpse!
Thanks, John, for your beautiful eye!

You can see Penelope’s work by clicking here.

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May 13

Mark Riedy + Dessert for the Eyes

Mark Riedy  once created a likeness of football star and budding entrepreneur, Bo Jackson. Bo was releasing a line of homemade frozen pies based on Momma’s own recipes, and Riedy’s graphic style was chosen for the packaging art. The portrait made a brief appearance in the frozen food case before the product line was acquired by a major food corp. “I recently took the time to develop Bo’s portrait into a complete …

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May 9

Mark Riedy + the Visual Branding of DataYard

Tossing around the phrase “Original Art Works”, I can think of no better example than the DataYard rebranding featuring Mark Riedy’s focused illustrative design.

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Apr 21

A Meg Hunt + “Interstellar Cinderella” Interview

Interstellar Cinderella is one of the hottest new children’s books. It’s on the Wisconsin State Reading Association’s Picture This! and Florida 2016-2017 SSYRA Jr. list of picture books! It is one of Amazon’s Best Books of the year, is a nominee for the Mississippi Magnolia Award and those are just the ones we know about!
Like this Cinderella story of inter-galactic proportions, Meg Hunt’s illustration work is emotional, energetic, and unique. Being amazed at the pure genius that is Hunt’s work, I had to …

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Apr 15

Andrea Eberbach for the Art of Healing

Create a mural with the purpose to casually relax its viewer as they waited to be seen by the medical staff. That was IU Simon Caner Center’s, Dr. Nasser Hanna request to Andrea Eberbach. Look and see for yourself how Andrea accomplished the art of healing.

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