Bring the Horizon World to Life


Providing America's families with wholesome organic dairy products has been the heart and soul of Horizon for over twenty years. The face of their brand has always been whimsical and cheerful. But when it came time to refresh their packaging, the folks at Horizon hoped to invite who they care about most to into the story; the kiddos. 


To achieve the feel they were going for, Horizon’s Senior Design Manager, Kate Coslett, planned to use existing scenic illustrations from their packaging, and integrate a wide range of active kids playing and engaging with their all-natural ingredients. The vision is a multi-textured, vibrant farm, with a mixed media collage feel.

Kate and her team enlisted the help of Scott Hull Associates to get a capable artist on board. Horizon wanted a world soaked in fun and curiosity that is sweet and stylish too. They weren't looking to revamp their branding completely, but to layer it in seamlessly in a way that only a generous contributor can. Scott knew Immediately that Lisa Ballard was the one for the job.

Lisa loved the idea and suggested a style that had a children's book feel using watercolor mixed with flat line art and patterned shapes. Lisa got to work creating a library of doodle images that reinforced a cute and joyous atmosphere. She conceived the elements to be scalable, easily integrable, and cohesive.

The creative talents of Lisa Ballard mixed with her backdrops resulted in simple, modern, illustrations that are kid and adult friendly. It was the perfect recipe for success.

And if we don’t say so ourselves, it is pretty darn adorable. And now we're hungry for mac and cheese.

Lisa-Ballard-Horizon-Box Reading.jpeg

For Eric Nyffeler, This One Just Clicked


This crew of robotic rock roadies are built of amplifiers, pedals, tubes, microphones and a lot of heart.  They rocked shirts, pins and guitar picks at this year's National Association of Music Merchant Tradeshow.  A campaign this detail-rich was bound to have required endless conceptual meetings and edits until it was perfect, right?


(Ready to be jealous?) The collaboration between Scott Hull Associates artist Eric Nyffeler and guitar pedal company Chase Bliss Audio went a little something like this:

Chase Bliss: "We need art for this idea we have."

Eric: "Oh, I have the perfect thing."

*makes art

Chase Bliss: "We love it, and we'll take it!"

*uses said art

*Has wildly successful tradshow

*Has to reorder stock to fulfill demand

Okay, this may be oversimplified, but not by much.  According to Eric, the earliest pencil roughts were 99 percent the same as the final illustration used by the company. It's the dream situation for both artist and creaive team.  Sometimes it just clicks.

In this case, Eric already had an established admiration for his client's product.  As a lifelong musician and avid gear collector, Eric has long ben a fan of Chase Bliss' equipment.  And since he was so in tune with his client, he already had a seed of inspiratin even before he was asked to work on thir project.

Joel Korte, owner of Chase Bliss Audio, needed two things from Eric:

1. Incorporate the slogan, "DIGITAL BRAIN, ANALOG HEART."

2. Create something so eye-catching, it would be impossible to ignore.

"Once the client told me they wanted me to incorporate their slogan, the idea of these robot-instrument amalgamations immediately popped into my head.  Adding in the subtle referenes to the human heart was what pulled everything together."

The result is a collaboration made in heaven, exceeded client expectations and a road crew that rocks.

Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano.jpg
Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano title.jpg
Eric-Nyffeler-Chasebliss insta pano 0.jpg

Michael Bast Behind the Scenes on Celestial Seasonings Packaging

Sometimes it's not so much about the product; but where the product can take you.

Where to? Tea giant Celestial Seasonings wanted to invite us all on a trip with their green tea packaging. A retreat to an abundant estate in an exotic region of China where tea is grown in lush green hills.

Only one problem – the location they were imagining didn't exist.

Enter artist Michael Bast and his plan to bring us there (without the 15-hour plane ride).

Michael-Bast-Celestial Seasonings-Green-Tea-Package.jpeg

Creating a realistic fictional location. For Michael, step one is collecting and studying hundreds of photographic images of estates and specific geographical locations. Then he uses these photos as inspiration as he starts to sketch out an idealized vision of the pristine plantation.

"The filter is your interpretation of the scene. Your eyes and brain coupled with the ergonomic physicality of your arms and hands all play a part in the result" explains Michael.

Michael-Bast-Celestial-Seasonings-sketch to final.jpeg

Final destination. Michael shares with us some of the original sketches, photo compositions, and final details for the packaging. He creates all of his paintings in Corel Painter and has been for the past 25 years. Michael credits the program as "simply the best choice for digital painting."

When we as consumers associate a product with the place it comes from, it sparks a connection in us. We want to be a part of it. A smart campaign and a successful partnership between Celestial Seasonings and Michael Bast brings us so close to this dreamy estate, we can quite literally taste it.



Curtis Parker Illustrating Global Healthcare


What an opportunity when Catholic Health Association commissioned Curtis Parker to illustrate the whole issue of Health Progress magazine! The issue focused on the topic, globalization and healthcare which required seven full page illustrations.

The magazine's editor, Mary Ann Steiner expressed, "How fortunate to work with illustrators like Curtis Parker, who carefully read the articles and came up with creative visuals that lead our readers into the story or insight.  As a result, the magazine has a solid design look and feel."

Thank you Mary Ann and team for the opportunity!  Looking forward to another issue.


Eric Nyffeler-Portland's sketchXchange Guest

Eric Nyffeler invited to sXc in Portland, OR
"Every single texture I use is something that I made myself by hand. I’ve never even played with any sort of brush or texture pack or whatever they’re called." - Eric Nyffeler

l am super excited, flattered, and/or losing-sleep-nervous that the good people at WeMake PDX have invited me to participate in their truly inspiring SketchXchange series! I will be covering the walls of their headquarters with every scribble, scrapple, and chunk of colored paper that I've made in the last few years. There will also be a Q & A / discussion moderated by Portland design celebrity Brett P Stenson, so you know I'm guaranteed to say something embarrassing once or twice. This event takes place on Friday, January 5th at 6:00pm, so hurry up and pick up a ticket, which comes with a complimentary 9" x 9" screenprint designed by yours truly! WeMake just posted an interview with me, which will give you a little more insight of what to expect from the event.

You can see Eric's portfolio by clicking here