Penelope Dullaghan’s Bookcover, Lucky Broken Girl

Penelope Dullaghan’s idea was to give an overall feel for Ruthie being stuck indoors, but surrounded by a flourishing neighborhood with people doing lots of things – biking, gardening, playing, reading. She wanted it to feel happy and bright as Ruthie is in the story, being surrounded by people who support her.


Von Glitschka Introduces Mr. Curious

When the hosts of The Futility Closet podcast contacted Von Glitschka to rebrand their iTunes show what they didn’t know is that Von was already a long time fan and listener of their weekly broadcast. Read our interview with Von and meet Mr. Curious the embodiment of this ideal.

Scott Hull Larry Moore Cuba Chez

Larry Moore Explores Cuba

Scott Hull Associates artist Larry Moore recently went to Havana on a pioneer group expedition to capture the sensory overload and salsa beat lifestyle of this soon-to-be-changing island. Larry, along with this roving band of intrepid visual explorers, just happened to land in Cuba before the President of the United States and the Pope!

Meg Hunt from Scott Hull Associates Let's Mix It Up, type

Meg Hunt – Let’s Mix It Up!

Thoughts from Meg Hunt Summer is here, and that means school’s out and I’m ready to take on some new big projects! Some of my favorite things about summer are festivals and parades. But in the spirit of mixing things up, I wanted to give these little animal people a chance to cut loose and try…

Von Glitschka from Scott Hull Associates COMPNEWS cover

Von Glitschka on Visual Narrative

Retaining creativity, humor and an impactful visual narrative can be challenging when the subject matter is very sensitive and controversial. Von Glitschka gives you a peak at his solution.

Curtis Parker from Scott Hull Associates for "Show Yourself" postcard

Curtis Parker on Illustrative Thinking

An interview with Curtis Parker where he shares the inspiration of his concept for the Directory of Illustration’s latest brochure on “Show Yourself”.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual winners

Dullaghan & Parker | The Judges Have Spoken

I received some fantastic news. Our own Penelope Dullaghan and Curtis Parker were selectioned for the Communication Arts Illustration Annual 57.

Penelope Dullaghan: A short film documentary

Penelope Dullaghan: A Short Film Documentary

A few months back, film maker John Burkett of Red Tide Productions did a mini documentary of Penelpe Dullgahan and her work for an artist project he was doing.  In this 4 minute film you see Penelope’s world.  A morning walk, her studio and watch her work.  I hope you enjoy the little glimpse! Thanks,…

Mark Riedy from Scott Hull Associates with an illustration and type for Bo Jackson's Sweet Potato Pie

Mark Riedy + Dessert for the Eyes

Mark Riedy was commissioned to to create the likeness of football star and budding entrepreneur, Bo Jackson. Bo was releasing a line of homemade frozen pies based on momma’s own recipes.

Mark Riedy from Scott Hull Associates for the visual branding of DataYard

Mark Riedy + the Visual Branding of DataYard

Tossing around the phrase “Original Art Works”, I can think of no better example than the DataYard rebranding featuring Mark Riedy’s focused illustrative design.