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Dec 15

18 Illustrated Gift Tags for free? Fancy!

Season’s Greetings!

We don’t know about you, but we spread holiday cheer by illustrating (of course!). We came up with 18 unique gift tags to share with you! Click to download the free PDF file with all of them neat in a row. Then just print them on cardstock (kraft is especially nice) and trim. Then you can get back to decking the halls and resuming the holly jolly.

Download the free illustrated gift tags here!

scott hull - 18 illustrated gift tags - free download

Dec 15

Meg Hunt + Chronicle Book = “Interstellar Cinderella”

It’s official, our own Meg Hunt’s Chronicle Book “Interstellar Cinderella” out in 2015!

Scott Hull Associates' Meg Hunt for Chronical Books "Interstella Cinderella"

Dec 9

Clint Hansen Visualizing Crumpet in “The SantaLand Diaries”

The New York Times by Erik Piepenburg

The Grinch is a cinch compared with Crumpet. That disgruntled Christmas elf is at the bitter heart of “The SantaLand Diaries,” a play, based on a David Sedaris essay, about an unemployed actor who takes a holiday job at Macy’s. The stage version, adapted by Joe Mantello, has been a hit at regional theaters since it premiered Off Broadway in 1996. But it presents a problem for theaters: How to design a welcoming poster that features a badly behaving elf without making the show look like a family-friendly show about Santa’s little helper?

Erik Piepenburg recently spoke with Clint Hansen and other  designer illustrators who found compelling visual solutions for five productions across the country. This is just a brief excert.


Scott Hull Associates' Clint Hansen for Triad Stage

Design Firm | Mitre Agency
Client | Paper Lantern Theater at Triad Stage, Greensboro, N.C.

“The medium is scratchboard. It’s a thin layer of black ink on top of a layer of very smooth chalk. You scrape away the black, and that creates a nice white line that resembles engraving or an old woodcut. It’s all black and white, and it’s all done by hand. I scanned the image into Illustrator. I manipulate it and give it the color. They wanted Christmas colors, but we muted them to add to the dark theme. Someone looking at it will understand: This guy doesn’t belong here.”


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Dec 4

Larry Moore + Plein Art = Hotel Commission

by Larry Moore

I just returned from a painting event at the historic and prestigious Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. This is one of 8 paintings I created during the week. An interior with a young lady reading. It was created on site with the permission of the hotel and the original now hangs in their gallery.

See more of Larry Moore’s work…

Scott Hull Associates Larry Moore

On the easel: A 60×80 commission for a large hotel that is being built in Charleston SC.

Nov 26

Penelope Dullaghan in HOW Magazine

What do you know!  HOW magazine did a blurb on Penelope Dullaghan for their SEEN section.  It’s always  a good feeling when you get a little ink.

Scott Hull Associates Penelope Dullaghan in HOW magazine

Penelope Dullaghan describes her style as whimsical, involving fluid, simple shapes rendered in an energetic palette. “I often have a single color that sets the tone for the piece, with unusual secondary colors that make it interesting.” Says the Indianapolis-based illustrator who works in acrylic, ink, charcoal and digital. Dullaghan’s muses include both nature and her daughter. “Sounds cheesy, but I get a lot of inspiration from my daughter’s drawing,” she says. “Her proportions and faces make me think outside the box… That kind of freedom in thought is bound (to) be influential.” Dullaghan, whose illustrations were recently featured on a line of Create and Barrel housewares, is most proud of how her art has evolved. “As I’ve explored life in a simpler way, my art has gotten less complicated and les over-thought. And I think it’s better for it.”

Thanks HOW!