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Taking it to the next dimension!

August 10, 2008

Toy lovers and art lovers alike will awkwardly-somersault for joy when they attend this collaborative art show held by art-boutique favorites Fabric8 and Neon Monster…Each artist participating in the show will be showcasing a two-dimensional piece (painting, drawing, etc…) as well as a three-dee customization of either a Munny, a Qee, a Neighborwood figure, a Blow-up figure, or a Shawnimal Plushform figure. Those residing in San Francisco should all mark their Mayan and/or Gregorian calendars accordingly and check out this one of a kind arty party being held at both locations! The party schedule is as follows…

3-7pm @ Neon Monster
901 Castro St. @ 22nd

5-9pm @ Fabric8
3318 22nd St. @ Valencia

So don’t miss the chance to check out new work from folks like:

Andy Stattmiller, Ben Collison, Dave Crosland, Ken Kierns, Nate1, Phoneticontrol, Reuben Rude, Ursula Young, myself…and many more! However, if you miss the party…you don’t have to spend hours pulling your hair and smacking your head in a revolving glass door, heavens no! The show will run for approximately one month…so check it out either way!

And now, for my contribution to the show…

Buckety Wilfred and Jamcat are a great pair for the art lover…or guitar lover, or musically inclined animal lover in all of you. Jamcat is my two-dimensional piece, and Buckety Wilfred is my three-dimensional piece…he is made from a Shawnimal Plushform figure turned sideways and inserted into a painted clay base.

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