Penelope Dullaghan

  • Bio:

    Penny is an award-winning illustrator and fine artist who started her freelance career after a five-year stint as an art director. She chronicles her artistic development at her website, She also heads up and contributes to a weekly creative outlet and participatory art exhibit: Illustration Friday.

  • Clients Include:

    United Airlines
    Oprah Magazine
    New York Times Op-Ed
    New York Time Book Review
    SF Chronicle
    Baltimore Sun
    LA Time Book Review
    Harper Collins
    Washington Post

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  • August 2008

    NY Times Book Review

    August 27, 2008

    The NY Times Book Review called with a unique review for me to illustrate. The book, called “The Unfortunates”, was not an actual bound book, but a series of booklets that come in a box which you can read randomly. There is no set order… just a definitive first and last chapter. And it’s about [...]