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Artist: white rhino

Geoff Smith + White Rhino Take Honors

Interview with Creative Director Dan Greenwald and Project Manager Teri Sun

Project: “Beat The Threat”, game for Sopho
Illustrator Designer: Geoff Smith
Project Manager/Creative Director: Dan Greenwald & Teri Sun

What creative/business goals did you have with this project? Sophos is traditionally known for only offering anti-virus software, when it actually offers a full suite of business security solutions. Targeting mostly IT managers, the challenge was to educate the audience about the breadth of Sophos solutions while still making the game fun. Geoff describes it best by saying, “We needed to create a dimensional atmosphere while maintaining a flat surface for the IT people to move about.”

Were there any special hurdles or requirements that the artist had to address? Geoff had to work with us on the overall concept of the game. We didn’t have an exact plan for how our “world” would look; we only had certain functional requirements that the game had to meet, such as the ability for threats to appear inside and outside of the office building (like in a coffee shop).

What is the Hatch Award Geoff was awarded for this project? Sponsored by The Ad Club, the 50th annual Francis W. Hatch Awards for Creative Excellence honor the most creative work in New England’s advertising and marketing industries. Boston-based agencies dominated the field of winners this year for such clients as Timberland, McDonald’s, Jack Daniels and Liberty Mutual.

Please describe the final outcome of the project: To quote the artist, Geoff said, “I felt the final illustration was fun, intriguing, and detailed enough to make you look, yet simple to allow for the game to speak for itself.”

THE HATCH AWARD For the past 48 years, The Hatch Awards has been New England’s premier creative awards show. Over 1200 entries are reviewed by a dozen judges – high-ranking creative executives from outside the New England area. Awards are presented across 32 categories including every kind of media possible. The Awards show itself is a must-attend for every creative person in the New England advertising industry.

Dan Greenwald: White Rhino turns to Geoff Smith for graphics in interactive office space

Client Interview

Title of project: Main Street – Sophos Invincible Game

Why did White Rhino choose Geoff? Geoff was chosen due to his extensive experience in short Flash animations for websites, TV, and the 12 years he has under his belt of teaching Adobe Illustrator. Geoff’s knowledge of AI along with its seamlessness to Flash definitely put him in a category of his own.

What was the creative challenge? White Rhino needed someone to develop an iPhone-type game interface to demonstrate the variety of business security threats that our client protects against. The end result needed to be both vibrant and simple.

Were there any special hurdles or requirements that the artist had to address? Geoff had to collaborate with us to understand how we wanted the game to work and was also expected to make suggestions for the format of the game-play area.

Describe the final outcome of the project: Geoff’s illustration was perfect. It was exactly what the client asked for and brought our vision of the game to a whole new level.

Tell us specifically about your experience working with our artist: From the beginning, the firm was happy that their client was happy. They were pleased with the look and feel, from the concept to the styles. They actually became nervous because the project was going “too smooth.” Geoff is really easy to work with. He did not need any micromanagement. He was able to adapt his schedule and process for the specific needs of our project. He was quick and most importantly I knew I could just trust him to create something great.