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Artist: Von Glitschka

Von Glitschka +”Drawing Conclusions” @SXSW


Excited to announce that Von Glitschka will be speaking at SXSW!

What’s the Vonster talking about? “Drawing Conclusions – Why everyone should draw.”

After all, everyone should be drawing! This session will show why creatives of all types should make drawing a regular part of their daily routine. How the power of the visual image resonates with your audience, and can be leveraged through drawing to improve the quality of a creatives work both aesthetically and effectually. Our industry may be digitally driven, but ideas are still best developed in analog form.

The balance between analog and digital skills is more important now than ever before. Our industry may be digitally driven, but ideas are still best developed in analog form.

Von Glitschka: “The Naked Grape”


Project: Gallo Wine
Client: Timothy Harris Design
Art Director: Jeanette Aramburu

Von Glitschka offers our clients a diverse range of explorations when developing brands for clients. Timothy Harris Design hired us to develop design directions for a Gallo Wine product called “The Naked Grape.”

They requested a clever iconic motif that would reveal the image of a wine bottle within the negative space of the design. We also played off the theme of this brand being a tempting delight for the consumer. The balance was to create a sophisticated yet memorable presence.

Serpent and the bottle brand graphic.


Wine bottle design.


Grape vine serpent design exploration.


“Bare it All” design exploration.

Von Glitschka : Adobe Bags for the HOWdesign Conference


Most conferences tend to have exhibit halls where industry specific companies and vendors can set up a booth and interact with their target audience face to face. Many businesses showcase their products and services and try to land new customers. The environment can be very competitive and when it’s a creative oriented conference the best way to draw attention to your booth is to give away the coolest FREE swag.

Since Von Glitschka had already created the patterns that ship with the new CS6 creative suite, Adobe approached him about creating another small set of pattern designs specifically for their giveaway swag.

A total of eight custom patterns were developed and Adobe picked the designs shown above for the final rickshaw bags they gave away at their booth.

Von Glitschka’s “This is My Normal” Experience


“This Is My Normal” web site

It’s been nearly a year since Von Glitschka helped shoot a documentary in the slums surrounding Nairobi Kenya. You will see why his emotions are still very raw concerning the whole experience.

Von was part of a great team of people led by his good friend and fellow designer Justin Ahrens and the two weeks we spent interacting with the people in Nairobi are as vivid as ever. He’ll always be thankful for Justin pushing him out of my comfort zone and inviting Von on what turned out to be a life changing adventure.

The documentary “This is My Normal.” is playing in different areas of the country. Von commented, “I’m so proud about how the final film turned out and that says a lot about the director Brian McDonald of Wonderkind Studios and of course the brain child that is Rule29.”

Justin asked Von to create the linear titles used in the documentary and the titling on the print collateral pieces for “This is My Normal” poster and DVD cover. They’re also creating some other content not yet finished that further document the whole experience. Von closed by saying, “Like any good production it’s been a honor to collaborate with creative people who set the bar very high.”

“This is My Normal” is a sobering documentary exploring two primary questions, “What is poverty?” and “What is normal for the world’s poor?”, through the stories and imagery from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya.

Von Glitschka creates a Winter Wonderland for AARP

AARP The Magazine, the world’s largest-circulation magazine at 35 million readers strong, helps people over 50 live their most fulfilling lives. The magazine focuses in particular on focus on health, personal finance, relationships and leisure. Needing an illustration for their December issue crossword “Puzzle Page”, AARP asked Von to create two illustrations: one for the 50-59 group and one for the 60-69 group. The first illustration was a winter themed graphic and the second was a nature scene, in which visual clues were hidden.

Creative Director Joanna Foucheux says, “Von had to work within a specific, oddly shaped area and had to leave enough room for text to be placed on the actual graphic, while still being readable. His illustration was a complete success.”

They were so happy with the final art they turned around and gave him another assignment, which you can see on the same link below.

Tasty Visual Recipes


Hillebrand Cory needed colorful and enticing linear illustrations to facilitate their print collateral concept for the National Restaurant Association. Von Glitschka developed the visual recipe needed.

Partnering with agencies when it comes to branding is something Von can lend his strategic designing hand to. He helped them achieve the look they were after while simultaneously designing a custom repeat pattern that could be used as a background element on the cover.

What ever your creative appetite, Von can cook up a tasty solution.

Visually Intoxicating

Glistchka.Visually Intoxicating. tommyknocker4

As a creative collaborator hired gun, Von Glitschka does a lot of collaborative exploratory work for agencies and design firms. Denver based Barnhart called to create a new brand character for a pitch they were developing for their client Tommy Knocker Brewery.

A character development like this represents an entire company and a product line, so the process can become detailed and extensive. But jumping over hurdles is Von’s specialty, and the final outcome is a striking illustration that will be the foundation of the brand’s overall development.

High Five!


Von Glitschka has a knack for taking a client’s idea and turning it into creative profit. Author Mordy Golding asked Von to provide him with a cover for his latest book, “Real World Illustrator”. Always eager to take on a challenge, Von created a cover that demonstrates and showcases new features in a software application, while remaining fun and attention grabbing

Von Glitschka + Scripps Howard

Scripps Howard needed branding for its television show productions. Knowing that a creative and concise illustration series was the perfect way to communicate with their audience, they contacted Scott Hull’s Von Glitschka to develop an on-screen and animation friendly mark for use in their TV and print collateral.

As Von describes, “Clarity is the key to onscreen design because it has to be understood and read within seconds. Simple but well crafted marks to help brand a program.”

The finished product earned Von a standing role in the company’s visual brand management for various other websites. As design director Richard Lacy says, “Being a part of the HGTV family, we had a huge responsibility to create a brand image for HGTV’s that would both resonate with our core audience and help us establish our own unique look and feel. Working with Von was one of the best decisions we made. His work helped make stand out in a very crowded category, and we couldn’t ask for a more creative, more flexible and more trusted partner.  You’re in very good hands when you’re working with Von.”

see an animation of the work

Von Glitschka + AWARDS


You either got it or you don’t. And Von Glitschka’s got it. The always creating, always producing, always moving Mr. Glitschka proved his mettle once again by being accepted into the “Society of Illustrators” for his piece “Tickles the Evil Clown.” Von was also featured in the 47th Annual Illustration West show for his work with Adobe on the graphic, “Loyal Order of Wormwood”.

Adobe sought Von as a beta tester for its latest Creative Suite of applications, CS4, since he had changed from his usual FreeHand to Illustrator some years back. Working with them during testing opened doors for Von, and when Adobe wanted a graphic story to be sent out with the launch of the CS4 Illustrator program, they commissioned him for original artwork. After giving him complete creative control and trusting him to direct himself, Adobe used Von’s final image for their international software packaging. Anyone who purchases this product will be able to open up Von’s original Ai file and see how he created the image. The demo actually has two pages within the file — one showing the artwork below and another telling the story behind it. The end result: a complete package, both visually and educationally. Much like Von himself.

Tickles the Evil Clown, full image can be viewed here:
Show: 51st Annual Society of Illustrators exhibition and publication
Location: New York
Link to Von’s blog post:

Loyal Order of Wormwood series full images can be viewed here:
Show: Society of Illustrators Los Angeles – Illustration West 47
Location: Los Angeles
Link to Von’s blog post: