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Andrea Eberbach! Dog Gone It…

November 28, 2012

Andrea Eberbach has a special understanding of our shorter, furrier counterparts and will be the first to tell you how fun it is to do what she’s done here: try and capture each animal’s personality in a portrait.
With three cats of her own – L.T., Jimmy and Bella – as well as healthy friendships with all the dogs in her neighborhood, Andrea does not discriminate amongst her fuzzy friends. And she’d never, ever pledge allegiance to either side of the dog/cat controversy. As far as she’s concerned, they’re all too charming to choose a favorite.

Just look at it: An incredibly charming series of pet portraits. It’s tough to describe what gives them their appeal, but maybe that’s to be expected. As Andrea says, “The relationships we have with our cats and dogs go beyond logic. There’s just an irresistible bond we share with them.”

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  1. Lovely work by Andrea!!

    love + luck + bliss,